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TUPENG METALTitanium zirconium plate, strip and foil production enterprise / Titanium zirconium material supplier
TUPENG METAL(Shaanxi Tu Peng Titanium Zirconium Co., Ltd. ) is a scientific and technological enterprise that it mainly engages in producing, devising and longitudinal researching for precise strip and foil of titanium and zirconium alloy materials. It also covers producing foil materials of tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, special steel applying for military project with high brittleness, hot-shortness and so on. We own the specialized and most advanced production line for strip and foil of titanium and zirconium materials, matching complete auxiliary equipment such as inspecting, marking, packing, etc. Our research and development team possesses two invention patents authorization for producing strip and foil of titanium and zirconium materials and more than ten special processing technologies. “ Tu Peng Garden ” located in China Titanium Valley which is in the middle section of Baoti road belonging to Baoji high and new development zone now has the assets more than 30 million yuan. Our products have been exported to Germany, Uk, USA, Korea, Australia, U.A.E. and other countries. Substituting for imported products and applying to domestic high-speed rail, automobile, subway and other traffic field, the products receive wide concern and high praise. Moreover, they still are widely used in nuclear power, sea water desalination, oceanographic engineering, petrochemical industry, corrosion engineering, aerospace, special defense and other fields. Our independent research and development of continuous online gas protection annealing furnace specially used for producing strip and foil of titanium and zirconium materials is first adopted in our country. It has seven proprietary technologies and can do full re-crystallization annealing to the strip and foil of titanium and zirconium materials with the 0.05mm thickness, 600mm width and 3.5t unit weight. Our strip and foil materials have bright, clean, without oxidized, without bonded surface and they are in rolls standardly without folds and collapsing. The aim of Shaanxi Tu Peng Titanium Zirconium Co., Ltd. is “technological innovation, win-win development, integrity first and customers first”. We will always continue to strive to provide you products, technologies and services with high quality, and become a loyal partner of your long-term development.


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