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Technology R & D
The company adheres to the scientific development concept and regards technology research and development and personnel training as its primary development goals. 
TUPENG METAL's(Shaanxi Tu Peng Titanium Zirconium Co., Ltd. )  has advanced technology and experience in processing rare metal strips and foils such as titanium zirconium and other materials. We have rich experience in the integration and upgrading of related supporting equipment. 
With the establishment of the company's mechanical performance laboratory and the continuous improvement of equipment technology, we In terms of performance and tolerance of materials, we strive to strengthen the implementation of internal control standards, which are superior to industry standards. 
The company attaches great importance to the research and development of new products and processes. The self-developed rare gold manufacturing continuous online protection annealing unit not only improves the performance of materials, but also significantly improves production efficiency and production flexibility.


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