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TUPENG METAL's business development is based on "technology-based, refined and strong, based on the core, and continues to grow."
The core business of “doing fine and strengthening”: taking titanium zirconium and its alloy plates, strips, and foils as the leader, strengthening production technology and processes, strengthening technical research and development, meticulous market development, improving service quality awareness, and increasing sales scale.
"Sustainable growth" based on core business, accelerate new growth, new equipment, new technology development and investment, increase product coverage, track high-quality product field and improve multi-type product trading business: realize titanium zirconium and alloy bars, pipes, wires , Forgings, fasteners and other materials warehousing trade.
Strengthen other businesses: production, processing, related equipment design, manufacturing, maintenance, technical consulting services of tantalum, niobium, Hastelloy and other nickel-based metal materials; sales and export of rare metal materials.


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